Erling Mandelmann was born 1935 in Copenhagen, Denmark. version française
He arrived in Switzerland 1963 in order to join a 6-month course of photography in Vevey. He married there and has since lived in Lausanne, from where he has worked and travelled as a freelance-photographer for magazines and international UN-organisations, - especially for WHO and ILO.

Furthermore he has illustrated many Berlitz travel-guide books and did voluntary photographic work for various social or human projects such as ATD-Quart Monde, Caritas, Amnesty International. For 18 years he also worked as part time photographer for the weekly-magazine of Migros, an important Swiss Company.

As a photo-reporter his main preoccupation is the human being, and for almost 40 years Erling Mandelmann has also photographed an enormous number of people, - known or less wellknown.

Some of these portraits take part in an exhibition which has already been shown in several countries, - as well as about a hundred published in the book "Rencontres, - portraits from 35 years of photo - Journalism".

His photo-archives have now been deposited at the Historical Museum of Lausanne
(Musée historique de Lausanne).

This web-side is just to give an idea of his work.